Six Groups at a High Risk for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Via: Ocean Breeze Recovery

Those who become addicted to alcohol and drugs are usually not found randomly across the nation’s population. There are certain groups of people who are at a higher risk of becoming addicts if they are members of a certain subgroup of the general population. By identifying yourself or loved ones as members of these groups, an awareness of the potential problem that can develop can often prevent the addiction from occurring or recognize that there is already a problem. The following are six groups of people that are considered to be at high risk.

The type of drug a person uses
This is a bit deceptive, because it is not so much the specific drug that is used, but the way it enters your body. The faster the drug enters your blood stream, the faster the body will experience the high. It is for this reason that drugs injected by syringe have a tendency to be the most addictive. The second fastest way for chemicals to enter the blood stream is through the lungs; therefore, smoking a drug can be highly addictive. Ingesting the drug takes the longest time, so those using drugs that are injected or smoked tend to develop addictions at a higher rate.

Mental illness and other health issues
It is not uncommon for a person with a mental illness to use drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate. Those with mental health issues need to get the medical attention they require for their illness. Medical treatment can help reduce the risk of addiction. There are, however, other health issues that can lead to drug addiction. Individuals who have been prescribed strong pain killers for a short-term recovery period can develop addictions and seek illegal drugs to satisfy an addiction long after their prescriptions run out.

The people you associate with
Although this is somewhat obvious to many people, it is something that must be said. Many people who develop an addiction do not do so alone. It starts within a social setting and may even be fun and relaxing, but over time, the amount of the drug used increases along with the frequency of use. Learning to avoid associating with drug users to begin with, reduces your risk for addiction. This is especially true with younger people.

People under stress
Events take place in a person’s life that can place them under enormous emotional and physical stress. People have different ways of coping with stress, but for many, it is the use of drugs and alcohol that are used to cope with these changes in their life. Not everyone who chooses to use chemicals to deal with stress will become addicts, but they are certainly at a higher risk for it.

Genetic and environmental factors
These two influences go together, because isis often difficult to discern between which was the cause of an addiction. For example, it is statistically known that children of parents with alcohol problems are at a higher risk for alcoholism than those children who had parents that did not drink. However, a child growing up around a parent with an alcohol problem may simply be influenced by an environment that creates a higher risk for alcohol abuse. Children see a parent drinking in response to any number of stimuli, and as adults, they respond the same way. Whether it is heredity, environment or a combination of both, children of one or two parents with drug and alcohol problems are at a higher risk for addiction themselves.

College Students
This is one of the highest risk groups for drugs and alcohol. It is in an environment where many young people find themselves away from parental influence for the first time in their lives, and this brings a new sense of freedom. College parties and even small gatherings are the ideal setting to try alcohol and drugs for the first time. A young person may simply think of a first time use as an experiment. Just a one time thing to see what it feels like. Of course, many try drugs and alcohol for the first time and never develop an addiction, but it is the combinations of the young age and the college campus environment that creates one of the highest risk groups in the nation.

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