Record Any Streaming Video Easily

2_newThe world has advanced so much today that even educational things can be taught over an online video. Many people today take online classes and such videos only play at a time. So, it becomes necessary to be bodily present in front of the PC when the live education video is going on. In this busy life, is that always possible? No! So, to help you not to miss any such lectures, you could use an application that can record any streaming video. You can also record a video that you think is very useful.

You might be wondering how to record streaming video? Movavi has made your problems easier as it has come up with a great idea that can save not only your time but give you the same lessons all over again. The team has brought for you the Movavi screen capture studio. It is a very easy and handy application that can be used by everyone. In many cases you can use this application to save videos that do not have the option to download the video.

You will have to download the file and run the installation file to set it up in your computer. Once it has been installed, you can open the folder and start using the program. While recording, you will notice a yellow frame that comes up on the screen. You have to drag and reposition it according to the portion of the screen that you want to record. Then when you have set it all, hit the REC button. It will start recording whatever is playing on the screen. You can also choose if you want to record the full screen or only parts of it. If done recording hit the REC button to stop or press the F10 button on the keyboard.

You can play the video to check if you have captured it all right. If not, you can always edit or discard the video so made. The edit toll has many features that are very helpful.  After all is done, save the file in your preferred format