Preparing for College and Beyond

There are a great many programs out there for the growing high school student out there to choose from at the Catholic High School of Baltimore. All the programs there are put together with your child’s future in mind. For example The STEM Program is a college preparatory program steeped in science, mathematics and technology. This program is massive in scope. Each year of its four years offers a look at fields that could be possible career focuses for your child. Freshman science is Conceptual Physics. It helps students build a solid science foundation that they will need for their later studies in Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Science.

Engineering is a strong focus as well, with a NASA curriculum highlighting the sophomore year tech classes. Pre-Calc and Calculus are the mathematical spotlights in the Junior and Senior years, and Robotics and Programming are key parts of the curriculum as well.

Summer is also time for learning, with camps prior to each year’s classes. There is Robotics camp before ninth grade, Rocketry camp prior to tenth, Forensics camp preceding junior year, and there is the John Hopkins University Engineering Innovation program for grades ten through twelve.If your child is interested in a future in tech, look into the CHS of Baltimore STEM program today.