How Do You Become an Interior Designer?

I got to thinking about this after I got this temporary job the other day. I was just helping these guys move stuff in and out of this place. It was a really nice house and there was a rich woman there. She had this guy who acted like he was the boss of the world and from what I could gather he had some sort of diploma Interior design. Me and these other three guys were in there putting stuff down and decorating the place and he was being very specific about where it all when. It was obvious that he had a big master plan and it was supposed to be our part of it to be sure that it all went exactly in the right place. We put things where he told us to put them and then he would stare at it and after a bit he would make us move the stuff a hair to this way or the other.

In fact I would have laughed in the guy’s face if he had not been paying me. As it was I wanted the money and it was not bad money. In fact we got paid to stand around a lot. A lot of the time we were just waiting for people to deliver stuff. It was apparently coming in from all over the place and it had t be unpacked and set up after the fact. Some of it had to be put together and this guy was not all that useful for that. He seemed to be surprised by that, but me and the other guys adapted to the situation just fine. It was not that hard to do it, but you had to take the proper time to follow the instructions that came with it.